Gilbert & Sullivan, minor revelations

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE musical theatre. Waterloo never offered many opportunities to be in a musical, so I haven’t actually been in one since I graduated Original Kids back in 2009. Exeter is a whole different ball game though, and after auditioning for a few of the musical theatre societies here on campus, I joined the cast of Iolanthe, the current production for the Gilbert and Sullivan society (I mean really, what is more British than being in a G&S musical?)!!

We’ve started rehearsals, and MAN did I ever miss it. It immediately hit me how universal musical theatre is around the world. It’s much like being back in rehearsal for OKTC or the High School Project – just a bunch of musical theatre weirdos loving the fact that we’re all musical theatre weirdos. Sitting down to be taught a song or doing a vocal warm up is like coming back home and sleeping in your familiar bed after being away from home for far too long.

Sometimes I feel so happy here I think I might burst. Walking around town, shopping on High Street, wandering around campus, drinking ale in proper pubs; it all seems to fit, and every so often I’ll find myself smiling for no reason (No matter HOW cloudy it is).

Exeter train tracks on the way into town

Exeter train tracks on the way into town

I’ve had a slight reality check in that I no longer have the car I had in Waterloo (thanks mom and dad!!) and adjusting to the walking culture takes some getting used to – most noticeably in the fact that all my shoes are falling apart! My favourite boots spent the night with a very nice cobbler, and were returned to me good as new, but I was kind of surprised at how quickly they deteriorated.

I have to bring this up, mostly because I think that every Canadian person who reads this blog will know exactly what I’m talking about: have you ever been in a public toilet and made awkward eye contact with someone through the gap? Or struggled with a lock that didn’t fit in the door? Public toilet door gaps seem to be something we’ve all accepted over in North America, but let me tell you something: THERE ARE NO DOOR GAPS HERE IN THE UK. Every public toilet I’ve been in has full size doors that don’t allow errant passersby to take a peek in, and I was beyond shocked. Seriously, someone write to Stephen Harper about this because it’s kind of ridiculous.

I suppose the fact that my major revelation since moving here is regarding public toilet doors isn’t the most exciting thing to blog about, but, unlike Tanzania, there aren’t any malaria-infected mosquitos here to give me a life altering perspective. If I’m being honest, life is fairly similar here to how things are back in Canada, but every so often I’ll come across something so different that it immediately grounds me back into the reality that I live in England. And I love those moments!

When in doubt, head to the pub

When in doubt, head to the pub



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