Endings and goodbyes

It’s been a big week. I finished my exams, which means I have all but finished my degree. It’s pretty weird to think that it’s been the biggest part of my life for the part 5 years. Now, it’s all over. It feels a little surreal, slightly anticlimactic, and also really exciting.

I can’t really think I could have made a better decision on how to spend my last year of university. Being in England has been absolutely incredible.

The highlight of being here was without a doubt joining the Gilbert & Sullivan society. Besides the fact that being on stage again made me so happy, the people I’ve met in G&S have made my year better than anything I could have imagined. We had our President’s Dinner this weekend, which was basically a night to get dressed up, have dinner at the fanciest hotel in town, and celebrate the best year ever.


classic Exeter Cathedral photo

It was bittersweet, because as fun as it was, it also really hit me that the year was coming to and end and I’d be leaving England pretty soon. I’m accustomed to moving to different places, and since I started university I’ve lived in 5 cities for varying amounts of time. That being said, I’m not sure it ever actually gets easier having to leave to a place you’ve fallen in love with. President’s Dinner was an amazing way to say goodbye to G&S. I’ll miss it more than I can put into words.




The best group of people you’ll meet


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