Europe continued: Prague the Magic City

What can I even say about Prague? It was absolutely my favourite city from this trip. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes Prague so magical but there’s a vibe I got there that I don’t think I’ve felt anywhere else.
First of all, I have to plug Hostel Elf, which was by far the best hostel I’ve stayed in. My room was amazing, it was in a great location, and I met some really awesome travellers. I met a handful of people there who I still follow on Facebook/Instagram to see all their travels and life updates, including some with Canadian ties!

A visit to Prague just isn’t complete without a viewing of the famous astrological clock in the centre of the town square. Let me tell you, it lives up to the hype. What a fascinating piece of machinery.


There was a fantastic exhibit on, that I was so glad I caught, of Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali works, which was absolutely one of the highlights of my time in Prague. One of the great things about major European cities is that there is always something interesting to see that you may not have even known about before you left. I only found out about the exhibit through someone I met at the hostel who had seen a poster for it, so we went to check it out.



One of the best parts of solo travel is having the freedom to change your plans at a moments notice and spend time discovering all the neat things going on that aren’t always obvious.

One of my fondest memories from my time in Prague was my second last night, a group of us wandered back to our hostel from the bar up the street and ended up climbing up a massive hill in a park behind the hostel. We made it up there at about 2am, I think, and we ended up staying there until around 5, when a couple of the girls had to leave to catch their train out. The sun had only just begun to peek out from the horizon when we were headed back to get some sleep, but watching the light gradually creep up on the amazing view we had of the city with such a great group of people is a memory I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

Three days in Prague was absolutely not enough and it is the city at the top of my list to go back to once I’m in Europe again.


I loved these panels that decorated the hostel patio. Can you spot my favourite one??


The John Lennon memorial wall

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